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Medical Health Clinics

Bor, Southern Sudan


Engineering, procurement, and supply of a four-room clinics.


The IMA World Health


Bor, Southern Sudan

Key Challenges:

  • Extremely poor highway infrastructure making transportation a major undertaking
  • Limited access to the most basic building supplies
  • Area heavily impacted by military conflict

Our Approach:

  • Supplied a prefabricated building which could be transported in a 20-foot containers
  • Inspected the building when manufacturing was complete
  • Loaded the building into containers and shipped it to Mombasa
  • Cleared the shipment through customs in Mombasa
  • Arranged road transport from Mombasa to Juba and on to the town of Bors
  • Assembled and erected the clinic for the client


  • The clinic is fully operational and serving the surrounding community,
  • The IMA World Health is fulfilling its mission with help of Prefab Building Solutions.