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High-quality furnished houses

 Kolwezi, DRC


Prefab Building Solutions delivered houses (50sqm and 100sqm) in short lead times


Mining operator


 Kolwezi, DRC

Key Challenges:

The client had an urgent need of high-quality houses for senior management to be supplied in a very short time leads.

As well, a client asked for construction support due to the lack of local workforce to assemble houses once arrived.

Our Approach:

The centralized wet areas, the kitchen, cupboards and wardrobes, as well as all electrical installations and ACs, were pre-installed in order to provide a plug and play solution once the walls and floors had been installed, so to save time and cost during local assemble works.

Prefab Building Solutions has contracted one of its local construction partners to prepare the site and assemble houses.



The high-quality prefab houses were made in 20 days,  transported to the site in 40 days and built in 5 days.

The houses were delivered in one single container each thereby achieving ample savings on transport and logistics.