Modular Units

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Modular Unit (or Flat Pack) is a unit house with the size of 6055mm*2435mm*2896mm who could be linked freely at length, width and height through the linking kits for bigger structure and different layouts.

All the components are standard and prefabricated with the advantage of assembling and disassembling easily.

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Easily demounted and repacked for transport

The immediate cost savings on shipping, quick erection times, flexibility in design and ability to demount, repack and reinstall the buildings in a new work site makes flat pack buildings most often the best option for workers accommodation, drilling/fly camps and temporary office units.

All In One Package

One flatpack consists of one roof, one floor, four corner posts, all wall panels including doors & windows panels, and all components associated in the room, which are prefabricated, packed and shipped out together and makes up one container house.

Inland Freight

Forklift holes are alternative on the Ark cabin beams, usually sized at 92mm x 256mm, which facilitates on-site movements of the Ark cabins, either flatpacks or container houses.

Sea Freight

With standard ISO shipping container corner casts, Ark flatpacks are easy for transportation and crane lifts during the shipment.

Excellent shipping efficiencies

While flat pack panelized buildings can be adapted to fit any shape and size, flat pack container buildings are designed to fit a 20′ shipping container. 4 Flatpack cabin can be combined to be one bundle, the bundle size is same as 20′ ISO shipping container, It can be transported or handled by all standard equipment.

Flexible combination

The container house can be linked freely at length, width and height through the linking kits for bigger structure and different layout.Both options offer multiple floor plans and the benefit of modular design with walls being interchangeable on site to alter existing configurations due to expansion/contraction of site operations.

room- or building size. Quick erection & easy assembly

Flat pack buildings can be quickly assembled using semi-skilled workers and with minimal use of heavy machinery. All posts and wall panels can be lifted by 2 workers and connected simply using nuts and bolts. Floor and roof trusses require installation with a small crane.

Multi purpose functions

The flexible prefab system calls for individual customer-based solutions, with several layout options. They can be used either as individual units or larger buildings made up from a combination of units. A flexible panel system and the installation of partition walls allows for design of any room- or building size.


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