Tanzania Geita Gold Mine Camp

Tanzania, Flat Pack

Geita Mines, Tanzania

Tanzania, Flat Pack

Completed kitchen exterior

Tanzania, Flat Pack

Dormitory with ensuite bathrooms

Tanzania, Flat Pack

Comleted dormitory

Tanzania Flat Pack

Finished interior

Tanzania, Flat Pack

Finished dormitory bathrooms

Geita Gold Mine Camp

Year: 2016

Dormitory with ensuite bathrooms = 330m2
Gym = 120m2
Kitchen = 180m2

PBS in May 2016 was contracted to undertake the full installation of a flat pack container camp including dormitory with ensuite bathrooms, gym, and kitchen buildings at the Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania.

Prefab Building Solutions' full service approach, i.e. A-Z support in design, labour supply, installation of buidlings, full building connections to main electrical and plumbing as well as in the supply and installation of all furniture and fittings allowed for a project run-through time of only 5 weeks from delivery - with only 8 skilled workers!

The quick build method offered by PBS with full material and labour supply is attractive in remote areas where traditional buildings can take from 6 months to 1 year to complete.