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Modular Housing

Modules installed with roof before façade

Modular Housing

Recreation area

Modular Housing

Hotel bedroom

Modular Buildings

Modular construction is the process of manufacturing buildings off-site in a factory-controlled environment thereby eliminating weather disruptions and lowering the risk of over-runs and delays.

Temporary or permanent modular buildings solutions can be produced off-site to minimize site works and increase quality control. Modular buildings are a rapidly growing industry due to rising labor and material costs as well as a lack of skilled labor in certain markets.

It also provides an excellent buildings solution for projects which have tight deadlines due to its rapid on site deployment where 95% of all trades can be completed off-site.


By minimizing on site works, modular construction can help provide:

  • Overall project time savings
  • Greater cost control
  • Minimize on site works and disruption
  • Reduce on site risk such as weather delays, scope creep and missing project deadline
  • Fewer deliveries and less on site labor – fewer HSE risks
  • Greater quality control


  • Mining Camps
  • Residential
  • Office Blocks
  • Hotels
  • Hostels
  • Clinics

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