Products - Entry Level

Entry Level Prefab

Light weight steel frame erection

Entry Level Prefab

Completed 45m2 house with external canopies

Entry Level Prefab

Recreation Area

Entry Level

PBS entry-level houses are cost effective and ideal for short term projects or low-income housing developments.

Our steel framed fast house model can be supplied on a concrete floor base or a suspended floor chassis for uneven ground or where concrete costs can be detrimental to the overall project cost.

Our entry level solutions can be easily adapted beyond our sample plans to feature additional terraces, bedrooms or bathrooms.

Despite the steel frame, there is no need for any mechanical equipment of note to erect these houses on site and they can be completed in a fraction of the time needed by traditional building methods.


  • Lightweight structure which can be erected without cranes or machinery
  • Hot galvanized steel and anti-corrosive coatings reduce rusting
  • Highly adaptable and flexible designs
  • Low cost and excellent value for money
  • Structure can easily be demounted and reassembled elsewhere
  • High shipping volumes; one 40HC can ship up to 330m2 of housing
  • Life span: 10-15 years


  • Low income housing
  • Labor camps
  • Disaster relief

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