PACT Water Treatment Plant


Water recycling and sewage management is an essential part of any construction.

Each new project we face presents unique and interesting challenges however the search for clean water is one we face more often than not. We have therefore created a dedicated team in order to solve potable and waste water problems for our clients on customized solutions.

We offer potable water treatment units that have been designed in the shape of standard ISO containers convenient for shipping and easy to installation. Standard capacities range from 5-200m3/h.

These compact water treatment units are supplied to camps that have no access to a central water treatment facility. They are usually installed along a surface water source (river or lake). The units are factory built in coated mild steel construction ready to install upon delivery to site.

PBS is the full service provider for the pre-engineered treatment systems and will install them with minimal footprint as they require less expensive land area than site-built systems.

They also costs less than building and testing the same size system on site. Custom-built systems can treat up to tens of thousands of cubic meters per day and are built in-house with the stringent specifications and installed inside existing facilities where site-built systems would simply not have room.



Prefab Buildings - Quality Management

QUALITY MANAGEMENT - Navigating the Building Code Jungle

Whilst building codes are essential to building safety, specific standards concerning electrical wiring, heating, sanitary facilities etc. may amply vary from one country/ zone to another.

Many clients are unaware of specific regulations on building codes (regulations are not clear in many countries) or often adopt other international building codes when there is no standard present.

Prefab Building Solutions, with our many years of experience, working in different markets and with a variety of industry sectors can comprehensively advise on which relevant standards can be applied to your project and how this will affect materials used and cost implications.

We are conversant with and have successfully designed and engineered solutions for a variety of codes including, for example, modern objective codes such as the Australian building code or the Civil Defense certification and local Kahraama regulations in Qatar. We have also consulted on the implementation of specific safety standards in countries like the DRC, where building codes are not yet applicable.

Contact us for more information on the building codes, safety standards and regulations applicable to your prospective prefab project!